Uni - CPU Candidate of Lastation Edit


"I'm Lastation's CPU Candidate! Uni!"

Uni (ユニ Yuni?) is the human form of Black Sister and one of the new main characters in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2. The younger sister of Noire, Uni goes to help her sister along with the others to save the world.

Uni seems to be friendlier than Noire is, and befriends Nepgear quickly in the game until learning of her relation to Neptune. However, she is still very much a tsundere.

Uni fights with a big long-range assault rifle.

Remen's Way of Being "Uni" Edit

  • RTs every pic of Uni with either "Awwwww~ Kawaii! >///<" or something similar.
  • She (he in our universe) does lewd to an extend. She regret doing lewd because she got gangbanged by a bunch of random people and got pregnant with 15 babies. She called herself a slut.
  • It's not confirmed yet if Uni still like being tortured/torturing others. She helped create the Naughty Bubble Wrap meme though, so thats cool. The creator was behind the parodies.
  • Also acts veery attracted to Nepgear accounts.
  • Usually all the controversy is started by some faggot named XPhantasm.
  • Choked Iffy Playz with bubble wrap.

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